What does "Beata la differenziata" mean?

Welcome to the "Beata la differenziata" website!

What are we talking about? If you have not yet completely understood how precious your contribution is in the correct Waste Management, this site is just right for you!

The slogan "Separate collection. Blessed is he who does it. Well" was the "trademark" of an awareness campaign aimed at citizens on the issues of proper separate collection that the Provincia di Torino (now Città metropolitana di Torino) had made in 2012.

The campaign, which had as a testimonial citizens of all ages, selected through a casting in the area, left as a legacy this website, which includes several sections like the Guide "Beato chi lo sa" (pdf file 5.7 MB), the "Waste Dictionary" and the "Where I throw it", which help the visitor to find all the correct information to carry out a separate collection in a correct manner. In addition, very useful is "La tua differenziata", a free downloadable and navigable Progressive Web App what will help you towards a sustainable lifestyle, with useful information to reduce waste and to make a good separate collection.

Both on the site and on the App there is also the "Reduce and reuse points" section that allows you to view on a map shops, bars and restaurants, laboratories etc..., where it is possible to make a "sustainable" shopping (i.e. also without superfluous packaging), having objects and artifacts repaired, buying food at affordable prices and so on.

The world of separate waste collection and prevention in the production of waste is rapidly evolving: we have therefore decided to update the site created in 2012, making numerous changes and introducing new features, to be increasingly of help to citizens in their daily commitment to environmental protection.

In writing this new version of the website our main guide was dictated by the criteria of circular economy, a new model of economic system planned to reuse materials in successive production cycles, reducing waste to the minimum. Among the criteria of circular economy, recovery is a fundamental part, accompanied by modularity and versatility, the use of renewable energies, eco-design and the ecosystem approach. In particular we went over, in addition to the European Directive 2008/98 (the main one on waste), to the so-called "Waste hierarchy", which puts reduction first, followed by re-use, recycling, recovery and finally by waste disposal.

Our new site will be a practical and complete means for:

Finally, the site will provide a direct communication channel with our organization, both through reports by mail raccoltadifferenziata@cittametropolitana.torino.it and by the reporting of new Reduce and reuse Points by filling in specific questionnaires.

Thanks and have a nice surfing!