“A buon rendere” campaign against the dispersion of disposable containers

“A buon rendere – Molto più di un vuoto”. This is the name of the new national campaign promoted by the Associazione Comuni Virtuosi, a network of local authorities that since 2005 has been at the forefront of promoting a harmonious and sustainable management of the territories to increase environmental awareness and above all to spread new styles of consumption among citizens.

The third part of the sixth IPCC Evaluation Report has been published

Following the publication of the report of Working Group II last February, the report of Working Group III of the Interngovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was published on Monday 04 April. This document evaluates the current state of anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, what are the trends and possible future scenarios, and, in particular, what are the mitigation options to limit global warming.

New PWA version

Users are advised that on March 31, 2022 a new version of the PWA was published which integrates the following new features:
1) the service is now also available in French, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish;
2) it is possible to activate the reception of notifications also for general news, as well as for local news: for users who want to use this new functionality, it is necessary to specify the relative consent in the notifications section of the defined users;

New European SUP directives for calculation, verification and communication

The Commission’s Implementing Decision 2022/162 ( entered into force the last 14th of january) on the methods of application of Directive 2019/904 on the reduction of Single Use Plastics has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The provision - which will enter into force on February 27, 2022 - provides instructions for calculating, verifying and communicating the reduction in the consumption of certain single-use plastic products and the measures taken by Member States to achieve this reduction.