Approved the new Regulation on Batteries: Towards sustainable electromobility in the EU

The European Council approved the new battery regulation, marking a significant step towards sustainable electromobility in the EU. With the aim of introducing more robust measures for batteries and related waste, the regulation aims to ensure responsible management of the entire life cycle of accumulators, from the production process to reuse and recycling.

Bioplastics: Biorepack Conference Reveals Benefits and Challenges for a Sustainable Future

On July 6, 2023, the conference "Biorepack: il sistema italiano delle bioplastiche come motore di sviluppo e rigenerazione" (Biorepack: the Italian system of bioplastics as a driver of development and regeneration) took place in Rome, organized by Biorepack, Consorzio Nazionale per il Riciclo degli Imballaggi in Bioplastica Compostabile (National Consortium for Compostable Bioplastic Packaging Recycling).