Label-less: new strategies against excess packaging

There are numerous products in supermarkets that have a covering plastic label. The indication on the same often recommends detaching the label from the product to facilitate recycling, since the two packages will be difficult to select if they are made with different polymers. Probably, few consumers follow this recommendation, thus complicating the separation of polymers in recycling centers. But even if we were to correctly separate the labels from the products we purchase, we find ourselves throwing two pieces of packaging in the bin.

Approved the European Directive: Stop Greenwashing and New Sustainability Standards

In a significant move to counter the widespread phenomenon of "greenwashing," the European Parliament has recently approved a directive aimed at ending deceptive business practices and promoting environmental responsibility by companies. Greenwashing, an increasingly prevalent marketing strategy, sees numerous companies, especially multinational corporations, portraying their activities as eco-friendly without making substantial changes to sustainability throughout the entire production and distribution chain.