Reduce and reuse points

The reduction of waste and the re-use of objects are the main priorities identified by European and national legislation: in fact, although complete elimination of waste is not possible, it is essential to promote a new model of conscious and sustainable development and consumption that limit production.

Do you want to know how to do it? Discover the "Reduce and reuse" points!

What are they?

Small neighborhood shops, "on tap" distributors (1) of milk and water, second-hand shops and no-profit associations, craft workshops, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc., where you can buy products without packaging, have objects and artifacts repaired, donate abandoned objects, consume in a conscious way acting against food waste and so on. Moreover, between the Reduce and reuse points, you will also find supermarkets and hypermarkets that have adopted good commercial practices such as, for example, the sale at discounted prices of foodstuffs close to maturity and detergents "on tap".

To facilitate the search for the Reduce and reuse points, we have created both a map dedicated to trade and crafts (neighborhood shops, milk distributors, bicycle workshops, second-hand markets, etc ...), and a list of other businesses commercial (pharmacies, hotels and restaurants, etc.) that have adopted sustainability criteria.

A map dedicated to large chain stores (supermarkets, hypermarkets, thrift stores, etc ...), catering and sustainable hospitality will also be available shortly.

Moreover, for the more technological ones, you will find a list dedicated to websites and apps for smartphones , of great help for your conscious and sustainable consumption.

If you wish to inform us of the new Reduce and reuse points, in the section "Census points reduce and reuse" you will find brief descriptions where you can report the exercises that are not currently present. Thank you !



1 Distributors where it is possible to buy the bulk product (detergents, milk, drinks, food ...) using its own reusable container.