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Dizionario dei rifiuti

Waste dictionary

How many times, having to throw away your waste, did you ever ask yourself: in which container should I put it? And if it is too bulky or dangerous where can I take it? The Waste Dictionary lets you know where to deliver all your waste.

Punti riduci e riusa

Reduce and reuse points

Do you want to consume in a sustainable way? Find shops where you can buy products without packaging, repair items and artifacts, donate abandoned items, consume consciously by acting against food waste and so on.

Dove lo butto

Where do I throw it?

Where do I throw it? Find the collection center or the street bins for separate collection near you.

Scarica l'app

Download the App

BeatochilosApp. Free downloadable app that helps you make a good separate collection, find the containers for the closest collection, find the Reduce & Reuse Points and remember the days of door-to-door collection.