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As described on the page dedicated to recycling, it is very important to collect the waste as precisely as possible, as well as for the environmental benefits also to maximize the contributions coming by CONAI (National Packaging Consortium) for collection. It is also essential to avoid resorting to expensive pre-cleaning cycles of collected materials or even the risk of having to send entire loads of materials that are too "dirty" to landfills or to the waste-to-energy plant.

If you have any doubts about which container is suitable for your waste, consult the Waste Dictionary.

Where can you find the road waste bin or the collection center closest to you? Check our map!

    • Choose the box type from the "Tematismi" menu (it may take a few seconds to load)
    • Choose the cartography or the orthophoto-image to use as a background by selecting it from the "Tematismi" menu
    • Choose the municipality that interests you at the bottom of the map

Warning! At the moment the position of road bins is only available for the city of Turin and the map is optimized for the most recent browser versions.


Used clothes Used clothes

Paper Paper
  Unsorted waste Unsorted waste

  Organic waste bins Organic waste bins
  Plastic Plastic

  Glass and metal Glass and metal
  Icona centri di raccolta Waste collection centers
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