Census Points reduce and reuse

The so-called "Reduce and reuse points" are shops, non-profit associations, artisan laboratories, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc..., where it is possible to make purchases of products without packaging, have objects and artifacts repaired, donate abandoned objects and so on.

Our website also reports traditional stores that have adopted good business practices (e.g. the sale of replacement heads for toothbrushes, the creation of corners dedicated to the sale of food products near the end, the sale of refills for detergents).

Their number is continuously increasing, so to update the lists and maps, we need your precious help: if you know interesting shops, associations or laboratories, you can let us know by filling out the dedicated questionnaire.

If, on the other hand, you know bars, restaurants, canteens or hotels that adopt specific sustainability criteria (for example, they serve water in a jug, allow the removal of food that is not consumed, they do not use "disposable" crockery) you can report it by filling out the special questionnaire.

Finally, if you know of websites and apps dedicated to the businesses that offer "Sustainable grocery" (1) you can report it by filling out another short questionnaire.

Thank you !


1 Sustainable grocery: shops where it is possible to purchase products and / or artefacts that are totally or partially lacking in superfluous packaging such as detergents and drinks "on tap", loose pasta and rice etc ... or reusable products such as washable baby diapers, menstrual cups, etc ...