SUP Directive: new European instructions for calculation, verification and communication

The Commission’s Implementing Decision 2022/162 ( entered into force the last 14th of january) on the methods of application of Directive 2019/904 on the reduction of Single Use Plastics has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The provision - which will enter into force on February 27, 2022 - provides instructions for calculating, verifying and communicating the reduction in the consumption of certain single-use plastic products and the measures taken by Member States to achieve this reduction.

Member States may calculate the reduction in consumption of single-use plastic products according to two ways:

(a) the total annual weight of in single-use plastic products placed on the market of the State;
(b) the annual number of single-use plastic products placed on the market in the  State .

In addition to the methodology for calculating the consumption reduction for single – use products forbidden through the so called SUP directive, the EU Commission provides methods and content for reporting, in order to verify the achievement of the objectives by individual countries It also regulates the calculation methods to be applied to the quantities of single-use plastic products in cases of import-export so as not to count them several times (e.g. at the time of production in one country and when placing on the market in another).

Monitoring by the Commission is essential, not least in order to assess further restrictive measures for single-use products in the coming years, while at the same time stimulating reuse-oriented consumption patterns.

For those wishing to deepen the subject, here is the full text of the execution decision