Legambiente's Puliamo il Mondo is back: 30th September, 1st and 2nd October 2022

The 30th edition of the Puliamo il Mondo initiative is starting, which is the Italian edition of the international event called Clean Up the World coordinated by Legambiente.


The thematic focus for the 2022 edition is "Per un Clima di Pace", aimed at promoting respect for diversity and to repudiate wars and violence in the world.

The official dates of the campaign are the 30th of September, the 1st  and the 2nd of October 2022, during which numerous events will take place aimed at cleaning the Italian territory from garbage.
The territory of the Metropolitan City of Turin is also involved with several proposals: more than 20 events aimed at cleaning up the metropolitan territory have already been registered on the platform. Please refer to the dedicated page to find out about all the initiatives in which you can take part; on the site you can also find the necessary contacts and information for each one of them.

The Puliamo il Mondo campaign originated from the Clean Up Sydney Harbour Day action, carried out in Australia in 1989 by an Australian sailor and builder, Ian Kiernan. From the triumph of the initiative came the collaboration between Clean Up Australia (the national edition of the previous campaign) and the UNEP (United Nations Enviroment Programme), which established the Clean Up the World event.
In 1993, the campaign also arrived in Italy. Legambiente took on the role of organising committee, setting up the first edition of Puliamo il Mondo and contributing to the results achieved so far: 350 thousand volunteers involved, 3000 areas cleaned up and 1000 participating cities.

Finally, we would like to mention two events that will soon take place in the City of Turin before the official starting date:

  • "Puliamo il Mondo University Edition - Torino". which will happenen on Friday 23rd September from 14:30 to 18:30. It is an event dedicated to university students from Piedmontese universities and it aims to carry out a cleaning activity in Valentino Park;
  • "Quartieri in Festa - Lucento", which will take place on Saturday 24th September from 10:00 to 12:00. The project will clean  Via Calabria Park and Castello di Lucento Park from rubbish.


For more information please contact:
e-mail: puliamoilmondo@legambiente.it
tel.: +39 029 769 9301


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