Small electronic waste: how to best manage those found at home during the quarantine? The handbook from the Ecolight Consortium.

Forced at home by the Coronavirus lockdown, many of us also dedicated themselves to home tidying, finding, abandoned at the bottom of the drawers, small appliances no longer used. Blenders, remote controls, joysticks, chargers, but also light bulbs, electric cables and so on. All these small wastes, which are part of the large WEEE family (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), must be disposed of in the most correct way, not only for greater protection of the environment but also because, if properly treated, they are recyclable up to over 95% of their weight. Unfortunately, according to the general manager of Ecolight, (National non-profit consortium that brings together over 1,700 companies operating in the sector) only one in five is collected and managed correctly. Here, therefore, that the same Consortium has drawn up a useful Vademecum that will facilitate each of us in the management of this waste. Enjoy the reading!
Source: Help Consumatori