The MoNOuso manifesto: an initiative to promote strategic alliances beyond the use and dispose modele

ANCI Emilia-Romagna, in the context of the MEDFreeSUP project (which aims to promote and facilitate the reduction of single-use plastics within the Emilia-Romagna region, falling within the scope of call n ° 2-2020 of the European eCircular program dedicated to 'strategic innovation on the minimization of waste production), has launched an initiative open to municipalities, unions of municipalities and entities, aimed at reducing and more correctly disposing of waste. ANCI-ER has developed the #moNOuso Manifesto, to which local authorities throughout Italy can adhere, which includes 5 fundamental principles, essential for making their own contribution to the effects of the climate crisis and the limitation of pollution. The manifesto stresses that the only separate collection of the waste produced and the subsequent recycling are necessary but insufficient; in fact, it is no longer possible to postpone attention to the growing need to reduce the total production of waste, also through greater collaboration and co-planning between the various entities. 
In detail, the goal of greater co-design is to address first of all the adoption of shared protocols or agreements that severely limit, if at all, the use of disposable products and everything that falls within this field of use. - throws in municipal structures and in those of investee companies. And secondly, it is meant to activate listening and co-planning paths that accompany the various actors in the supply chain, businesses and individual citizens in removing the technical and cultural barriers that are hindering the transition from disposable to reusable. 

In detail, the 5 principles are: 
1. Reduce or abolish single use, with the ultimate aim of reducing the use of natural resources necessary to produce this type of goods and direct the city system towards a sustainable development path. 
2. An improvement of production processes, related to differentiated waste and of the recycling rate are necessary but not sufficient elements. 
3. Prevent the production of waste, facilitating both individual citizens and businesses in achieving this goal 
4. Promote reuse models wherever possible 
5. Witness the change, from a disposable dynamic to a virtuous and more sustainable circle of environmental impact reduction that must start from the PA and publicized among citizens to generate this turnaround in society as a whole. 

For the signing of this manifesto, a model resolution has been prepared through which the municipality, the Union of municipalities, the investee company or the association formalizes its participation. Within this model of resolution there are also examples of proposals to be implemented in public offices, in investee companies, for events in public offices or on public land, in schools, hospitals, and for private businesses including hotels or city shops.