A "disposable lunch break": the amount of waste is disarming.

Phase 2 and the gradual return to activity in the offices are closely linked with the daily need to be able to manage a "topical" moment of the typical day of an employee: the lunch break. How can we combine this need with the need to reduce as much as possible the waste produced daily by each of us? Agata Fortunato, official of the Metropolitan City of Turin, reflects on the theme with some bitter considerations: “One day, one meal, for one person; the quantity of waste produced is disarming. It is for me that I normally do not use take-away / delivery services, it is for me that I think of the mountain of waste normally produced for this consumer segment, prosperous not only for the contingent need ". And the No-waste alternatives, Fortunato continues, are practically non-existent: “The reusable alternative in Italy is almost science fiction, not used, not requested, not promoted, only to then rant for too much waste produced, for the difficulties deriving from their management ( for lack of plants, for ever-increasing costs, for the impacts of existing plants) ". And for the future? Fortunato concludes “… the virus has surprised us unable to rationally deal with the emergency and the push towards a consumption model that is anything but circular is stronger than ever and who should show us a way out, explains instead that all in all as long as the disposable tableware is compostable. "

Perhaps it is really time for each of us to make a profound reflection and act accordingly.

Source: Eco dalle Città

Note: the story was written in the week before May 18, the date on which the new rules of the DPCM came into force which regulates the reopening of bars and restaurants also to the public.