Climate change scares as much as Covid-19: according to the Italians, action must be taken immediately to counter it.

On 22 April on the occasion of "Earth Day" (editor's note: see our News), the IPSOS institute published its usual survey on the perception of world citizens regarding the climate emergency. This year the survey opened with the question: "Do you think that climate change is as serious a crisis in the long run as COVID-19?". For 7 out of 10 respondents, the answer was yes. The survey, conducted in 14 countries: "... shows broad support for government actions to prioritize climate change in economic recovery after COVID-19, with 65% of respondents globally agreeing on the importance of this aspect. " Furthermore, it is interesting to note that 50% of Italians are unwilling to accept measures that endanger the environment, although they can serve to revive the economy. An interesting starting point to remind all our readers how the correct management of waste significantly affects the state of health of the climate: for example we remind you that if food waste were a nation, it would occupy third place for the emission of climate-changing gases, after the USA and China.

Source: Pressenza